GAOMON S620 Review: A Budget-Friendly Android Tablet for Artists

GAOMON S620 Android Tablet It is a battery-free stylus that adopts the most advanced passive technology, with no battery and no charging required. This environment-friendly pen allows the constant uninterrupted drawing and playing, avoiding the low power interrupting your operation. And comes with 2 programmable express keys, one-click toggle allows you to switch the function between brush and eraser constantly. (8 Pen Nibs)-- Extra 8 nibs are included for replacement.

Remember, to activate the pen, just use a single button!

GAOMON S620 Information about the pen

Yes, the pen has the judgment of Eraser Magazine.

*Subject to Change without prior notification.

No technical glitches have ever occurred.

*You can erase the Valentine's Day card anytime you want.

*Only 484 tablets are authorized to use this feature TLDs.

*Please remain seated when using.

*This pen has an amenity that the competitors do not offer, such as a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. This feature you can use with your phone or tablet anytime or anywhere.

You can use this pen for recreation, drawing, copying, and doodling. But the greatest use of this pen is for education in the areas of studies, business, and fathering of puppies.

** GAOMON S620 Overview**

Beautiful packaging and punchy video lead you to believe it is a product developed and meant for consumers. But, just reading the product name tells us that the product in question is merely a stylus carrying reference notebook technology including URL highlighting which is something we do at

And there it is sporting the luxury blue status:

The stylus works for both iOS7 and Android 4.4

Passive technology is designed to avoid the cable interrupting your operation

Eraser Magazine pioneered active technology with “dirt pencil” back in the decade 2000

Option of color selection is “sky”, “rainforest”, and “blooming”

The kind of package is “elegant” which means “elegant” in its purest form for carrying, writing, erasing, etc.

Detailed charges of up to accessible 6% of the cost over 24 monthly periods (0.06 USD)

Total charges): USD 0.04 monthly

The operation of the pen with the SmartPhone goes as simply as the following:

Open the box, pull out a pen, connect to SmartPhone

Click “stylus” on the screen while previewing a site or page of text to be copied or pasted on the browser (tight connection), then hold down the “ink” key to highlight a text block and drag it and drop it upon the first line, then click fax button to send it to your SmartPhone.

The following Properties of the pen are as follows:

Note: This feature does not work with all versions of Android and iOS, but will work with all versions of iOS7 to iOS11.

Along with all styluses, it comes with an eraser cover in a neat white and black presentation box.

2.6 in x 2.6 in x 0.6 in.

GAOMON S425’s “cigar-shaped” pen is considered an excellent and classic gift for smart students. It weighs only 2.6 grams, with the long-lasting durability of 3 years. It is always ready for you as an illuminating or photo-taking tool at any time. Features disposable wax paper and oledomate capacitors. Those are non-reversible capacitors that encourage washing and air drying. You can swap out each capacitor hundreds of times and carry them with you discreetly.

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